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Tasmania is an increasingly popular destination for national and international conferences. The excellence and spectacular location of classic and modern facilities, scenic beauty and reputation for delicious local cuisine inspire and refresh delegates who have gathered to share research, innovation and passion around a profession or academic subject.


The quality of the catering and the service is often critical to the overall success of a conference. Well-timed breaks with interesting and nutritious food help to sustain energy and facilitate easier communication. Managing a memorable conference takes finesse as ‘getting it right’ for a family function. The tone, tenor and tempo need to be adjusted carefully in order to support the intent of the organizers.


At Smolt Kitchen we pride ourselves on the excellence and efficiency of our service. We have built the skills and systems to seamlessly transfer the quality cuisine of our restaurant partners, Smolt on Salamanca Place and Frank Bar and Restaurant, to off-site locations, anywhere, any time to suit you.


We frequently use unique venues such as Macquarie Wharf 2, Waterside Pavilion at Mawsons Place, Bangor Oyster and Wine Shed, Salamanca Arts Centre or Avalon Retreat but are just as prepared to travel to a marquee in a private or historic homestead country garden if conference organisers choose a less formal environment.

Smolt Kitchen’s functions are all about making it easy, both for the organiser and for the guests on the day. Pre-selection of dishes allows the event to run smoothly from start to finish, unencumbered by decisions about food and drink. If there is a need for finger food, our canapés are full of elegant surprise. These sumptuous soupçons can stand along or be a pre-cursor to a full sit-down dinner. Here the style of food lends itself to shared dishes and this allows us to meet the needs of the whole party, no matter how diverse the food preferences are. We are adept at including dishes that accommodate specific guests’ dietary requirements in each course, whilst also offering interesting dishes for the rest of the group.


We support local, sustainable, ethical animal husbandry and fishing practices, using free-range chicken and grass-fed, ideally home-produced, beef, lamb, venison or wallaby. Champagne, wine and other beverage options can also be included in your individually-tailored package. Event catering coordinators and experienced chefs at Smolt Kitchen will be delighted to work with conference organisers to prepare an individualised package to meet your particular needs and budget.




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