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At a Smolt Kitchen paella party, the theatricality of Spanish-style community feasting is seen, heard, smelt and tasted at its best! The options we offer range from traditional Valencian to vegetarian (even vegan, if requested). The paella experience draws people together, appeals equally to all ages and we delight in catering for large gatherings in this informal, friendly manner.


 All ingredients and equipment are transported from Smolt Kitchen’s HQ in Hill Street, West Hobart, to the destination of your choice. The giant steel paella pans and the prawns, the knife sets and the saffron all arrive at the destination of your choice in the company of highly experienced chefs. This crew, supported by cheerful and enthusiastic service staff, have perfected their delivery of an al fresco paella performance par excellence over a number of years.


Smolt Kitchen’s functions are all about making it easy, both for the host and their guests. We pride ourselves on the excellence and efficiency of our service, and our catering coordinators will help your with pre-selection of dishes and drinks. This allows everything to run smoothly from start to finish, unencumbered by decisions about food and wine.




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