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Smolt Kitchen maintains and strengthens the reputation built by ‘parent business’, Smolt Restaurant, as the wedding caterer of choice for couples seeking a Tasmanian nuptial celebration where exquisite food heightens the magic of romance.


Our Smolt Kitchen wedding coordinator will use compassion, skills and knowledge to support you in selecting a sumptuous menu to enhance a beautiful and authentic experience.  We can adapt the menu to suit any dietary requirements. Dishes reflect the season and our ingredients are sourced from local vegetable growers, farmers and cheese makers with whom we have built genuine respectful partnerships.


We support sustainable, ethical animal husbandry and fishing practices, using free-range chicken and grass-fed, ideally home-produced, beef, lamb, venison or wallaby. Champagne, wine and other beverage options can also be included in your individually-tailored package.


If you would like inspiration and advice from an event stylist, or need to know where to hire equipment, we have great working relationships with local enterprises who provide efficient and friendly support in both aesthetic and practical matters.


We are delighted to cater for intimate or elaborate events, in private or public venues of your choice anywhere around the state. Locations for Smolt Kitchen-catered love feasts have included private gardens, converted colonial homesteads, state of the art contemporary reception spaces and even an island retreat in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel to which all equipment and every morsel on the menu had to be ferried by small boats via Bruny Island! We love a challenge – send one our way!




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